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So I have been spending a lot of my time on Etsy, adding items, creating treasury lists, and just sifting through all the nifty stuff people come up with.

Some of our most popular items on etsy are:


Chocolate Chip Scones!

cherry danishCherry Danish!!

apple pie muffingApple Pie Muffins…

We have lots of yummy sweets and treats online. Check us out!


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A Bloody Good Tea Party

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The theme of this year’s Albany Heritage Day was Albany goes Hollywood.  We here at Melina’s Bistro dove head first into coming up with a float; we also did a skit as we walked in the parade.  It was tons of fun, and very enjoyable to do.  I just hope you thought it was as fun.  Here are some photos of the float in the parade.  I hope you enjoy them.

We had our director, April in the truck so she could have a bird’s eye view of the commercial she was filming.  Her assistant Sam held up the Applause sign every time April said cut.

Our Diva, Monica, wore her most glamorous feather boa in pale pink,

while her assistant, Donna (in the pink hat) did all in her power to attend to her.

Our other Actress Capi (wearing the black dress), was perfectly on queue with each take.

The Sound Boom was run by Anne, while “filming”; Tina was behind the camera.

Dale (right) and Terry (left) were a great help in driving and throwing candy during the parade and also for setting it all up. It was a great float, and the whole parade went well.

We took first place in the parade for float creativity and wish to give thanks to all who helped.

Also here are some more photos from the float…

From Melinawood Productions and Melina’s Bistro, we would like to say thank you to all who helped make this parade season a fun and very enjoyable season.  Thank You!

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So we got in some new stuff first 1883 Kiwi Syrup!

Try the Kiwi Strawberry Italian Soda…

Mandarin Orange Passion Fruit Smoothie…

Stop in for one of these new summer treats or one of our classic drinks!

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Honey and Jam

We have sweet honey and jam made out on my parents farm. My mom makes the jam and my dad does the honey, but it’s really a combined effort. We should have a fresh batch of jam coming if the birds and the dogs stop eating all the strawberries. Stop in and pick up one of these up they make great additions to cooking and spreading on your morning toast.


Have a sweet day!



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Mother’s Day!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! Stop in for lunch… we have gift certificates! Nothing warms the heart like the gift of a latte.

On Sunday, tell us just how wonderful your mother is and she gets a FREE raspberry fudge torte ice cream cone! We think our mother is pretty great and I’m sure yours is too, so don’t forget about her this Sunday and stop in to Melina’s Bistro & Coffeehouse and celebrate!

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Celebrating Our Anniversary!

Our 1 year anniversary is coming up on April 28th and to celebrate we are having cake and ice cream.  That’s right Cake and Ice Cream.  So stop in for a Free piece of Birthday Cake with your purchase, or you can also have yourself a $1.00 Raspberry Fudge Tort Ice Cream Cone to celebrate the day.   There will be prizes and much more, hope to see you there!

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