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We were featured!!!

Our yummy blueberry scones were featured on Newlywed Moments. This blog is super cute Emily Crider, the creator, has all sorts of neat stuff like Recipes, DIY, and more fun and unique ideas! Anyway… she featured our blueberry scones (which are super yummy) on her blog for valentines day gifts for under $20. What is awesome is she gave us a bunch of exposure which our little Etsy shop can always use.

Thanks Emily!!

Click here to see the post!

blueberry scones

We also have new Valentines gifts on Etsy check them out here!

Have a sweet day!!



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We’ve been baking!!

So we’ve decided to start the New Year off right with some fresh new bakery items…

Scones! A coffeehouse classic I made blueberry so far and plan to make up some cranberry nut. If there is a flavor you want to see just leave me a comment!

Blueberry Scones

Next I whipped up some fantastic Monkey Bread, they are made in muffin cups so they can be individually served, so I call them Monkey Muffins…

Monkey Muffin

Lastly we have cupcakes!! Chocolate PeanutButter Chip, Chocolate Muffins! (Tina named it). These are just coming out of the oven… keep an eye out she plans on making more muffins, next up is blueberry!

Chocolate PeanutButter Chip, Chocolate Muffins

More baked deliciousness coming soon… enjoy!

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