It’s been a while…

We have quite a few new things going on at the Bistro including new syrups, new ice cream, new treats and new smoothies… oh and a couple new specials too!

First the new syrups we have…

Strawberry, Coconut, Almond, SF Raspberry and Orange! These are great in latte’s, but we are finding that they are even better in Italian Soda’s! Tina is addicted to Orange, she loves Orange and Cream Soda.

Also our Featured Drink right now is the Pink Flamingo which is Strawberry and Coconut Italian Soda! That’s 10% off!!

We now have Bridgman’s Maple Nut Ice Cream! It makes an excellent sundae try the Nut-Tastic Sundae!

It’s Nut-Tastic!

Our latest treat is Coconut Macaroons, they are gluten free and reminiscent of an Almond Joy…

We also have S’More bars, new Muffin flavors including blueberry pound cake muffins, Happy Day Brownies, and more to come!

We got in some tasty new smoothies: Cherry, Peach, and Caribbean Colada…

There just might be more things that I am forgetting… we’ve been awfully busy, but not to busy to enjoy the sweets of life!

Have a sweet day!



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