It’s been a while… so here’s what’s new!

March is just around the corner… can you believe it?? We’ve got some new stuff and things that I figured I better mention…

First March is National Caffeine awareness month and National Women’s History Month… that’s just cool.

Second. The Mad Hatter Tea Party is coming up and tickets go on sale March 1st there is limited space so get them early. If you can’t make it in to get them let us know and we can post them on Etsy for you to make the purchase and we will send them to you!

Third. We’ve got some specials coming up for St. Patrick’s Day and the month so check out the events tab and Facebook.

Now for the new stuff…

Being that it is also National Nutrition Month, we would like to introduce the new Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothie (only 100 cal in a 16 oz).

We now have Shakers! Milk, ice and syrup or sauce… tastes like a milkshake, super yummy!

Hot Spiced Mountain Cider which has added to our signature drinks: The Caramel Apple!

Lastly Italian Sodas. These are not so new but I don’t think I mentioned them before.

Coming soon… Menu redesign and Wraps!

So that’s it, you are now all caught up with us, here at Melina’s Bistro & Coffeehouse.


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