Red Espresso

The coffee world has introduced a new and exciting tea.  It is not like other teas, it is better for you than green tea, served hot, and made in the espresso machine.  It is called Red Espresso.

Red Espresso

Red Espresso can be used in place of regular espresso in Latte’s, Cappuccino’s, Iced Latte’s as well as Frappe’s.  It is however a tea not an espresso, thus the drink takes on a more tea flavor.  It is not caffeinated, and makes a great substituted for decaf espresso.

Red Symphony

Our Red Symphony is a Red Espresso with White Chocolate latte.  It is a delectable tea espresso latte but don’t take my word for it come and try it.  We have more drinks on the way, and we will substitute the Red Espresso for regular espresso in any drink if you wish.  If you have any questions about this new trend in the coffee world feel free to ask us or click the link in the left column for more information.

Red Turtle Frappe

This is a new wave in the tea world, and a new drink for the coffee world. Stop in for your first Red experience.  Red Espresso, found at Melina’s Bistro.  Try the Red Symphony and experience tea like never before.


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