tina’s talk about the specials and book club

Fall is in the air, and I for one am happy to smell it.  I had to scrape my windows this morning, it contributed to me being late for work today; but tomorrow I will just leave earlier.  I love the season, and it screams to me of coffee.  Then when I get to the Bistro what do I do, have a hot coffee, no.  I have a They Call Me Caramel Frappe, nothing like warming me up for a long day at work.  Silly, silly, me, I can handle that.  Anyways, I was all for the idea of a Turtle Americano, but the Frappe screamed my name.  So Even though it is only about 42˚F, I, Tina Zimmer had a drink that was about 32˚F, that doesn’t matter to me though because it was perfect.  It hit the spot and tasted magnificent.  I was one content coffee drinker.

That being said I was ready to take on my next task, and that was Book Club.  I am starting a book club on November 3, 2011 at 5:30 pm.  I hope you all can come, or at least stop by to show that it is interesting.  I am planning to have a discount card of some kind for those in the book club.  Melany and I still have to hash out the details.  But so far it sounds like we will have something.  I can’t wait to start reading books.  I am working on two at the same time right now.  I really want to talk about them and that is why I think this Book Club will be fun.  So here I am typing away, and I haven’t even made it to the specials for the day.

Daily Special: Roast Beef

Soup of the Day: French Onion

There done, now on with the world of books.  I would like at some point to have books for sale in the Bistro, but haven’t gotten to that stage of things yet, but they are on their way.  I look forward to seeing many faces at Book Club, and want to express that I hope it has a good turnout, it is something I think Albany needs, and I hope it is something Albany wants.  There is no specific age group, so if you are interested just stop in and see what it is all about.  You never know you may find something that interests you when you didn’t expect it to.

I found out about two years ago that I like some Historical Fiction.  I had always turned it down, and just thought about how boring Great Expectations was, but I loved the books that I read, and now my personal library is covers a wider range of books.  I would love to step outside my box and hope that you will join me. If you cannot come in, or are just too far away to join, I have an online book club I am trying to start on a different blog, www.attheblackrose.wordpress.com.  I hope you all can join and experience books with a group.  As an avid reader, sometimes it is good to talk about what you read, simply talking about a book can give you insight that you may never have seen otherwise.

Now that I have rambled on for almost a page, I will wrap this all up and ask that you stop in for Book Club, and maybe we can get reading again.  Keep in mind, the Library is just across the road from the Bistro and will be happy to help anyone find the books they are looking for.

Until next time…

don’t be like Alice, and keep your muchness.



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