Railroad and Fourth


our building 1957                                                              our building 2011

The corner of Railroad Ave. and Fourth St. holds one of the old buildings that make up the main drag of Albany MN.  This building was built in 1899 and was opened as Schaefer General Store.  It was and is a beautiful building.  However, as the years rolled by the general store closed and new businesses opened within its walls.  These businesses include Albany Country Floral which moved into the building in1987, and Melina’s Bistro which opened in 2011.

This building has stood the test of time, and held its place on the corner in Albany for 112 years.  The businesses that sit within its walls find it not only beautiful but one of history’s treasures.  It is a testament to how some parts of this country cherish the past by holding on to their history with buildings like this one.  Walking down Railroad Ave. we get a glimpse of the past mingled with the present looking at this building and others like it.

We here at Railroad and Fourth would love to see any who wish to see not only the beautiful store front but also the historic interior with a tin ceiling, and remnants of the columns that lined the center of the old general store.  We cherish the beauty of this building and wish for you to do so as well. So stop in for a glance at history that isn’t lost, and a look at what is now part of this buildings history.

Albany Country Floral is open M-F 8-5:30 S 8-3

Melina’s Bistro is open M-F 7-6 S 7-3 Su 8-1

We welcome all customers.


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