Who is Melina?

The woman pictured is Melina Parker 1902-1987 She was a silent film star from 1917-1922.  She left film for a man, Joe.  He was a gangster who got her involved with bootlegging in the 20’s.  She had a way of always making things work out for her though.  She was the second cousin twice removed on my mother’s father’s mother’s side.  She was not the typical “faint every moment” woman always portrayed in the movies.  She was a feisty and saucy woman who made Joe look good and important.  It is said that when introduced to Capone she asked him boldly, “What makes you think you can hold Chicago?  You’re not god or anything.”  I’m surprised the woman didn’t get killed on the spot.

Anyways she became the downfall of Joe.  He thought he could push her into doing a delivery for him.  Melina, feeling like it was getting too hot in the area, with the feds around, told him no, and boldly stood her ground.  Joe retaliated by drawing a gun on her.  She agreed on the spot to do the delivery.  Joe was discovered five hours later when the feds showed up upon the request of one Melina Parker.  Who never made the delivery, but rather hid the liquor in a field near Anoka before turning Joe in for trying to kill her.  She brought down Joe and his gang leaving herself the only one to profit from his former business.  She decided however to get out of the bootlegging business and went in to business for herself opening a chain of speakeasies that brought in loads of cash for her to establish a reputable business, called Parker Dry Goods.  This business survived the depression.  She moved back to L.A. in 1938 craving the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, where she again found herself in film.  She had a voice for the movies, and as we can all see a face for camera.  She went on to star in two films, How the Days Change 1939 playing opposite Clark Gable, and Whisper to Me Softly 1941 opposite Humphrey Bogart.  She retired to live out the rest of her life on Sunset Blvrd.  She had four children and six grand children…

just kidding!



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2 responses to “Who is Melina?

  1. a girl

    that is AWESOME!

  2. Hey … that was a great story! Keep them coming! Are you sure you aren’t a writer disguised as a bistro operator???

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