Students and Young Adults

Students and Young Adults

paranormal in June

historical in July

classical in August

I am starting a summer reading group.  It is for those who enjoy reading books that are Paranormal or fantacy in nature, or Classical, as well as historical fiction and who want to read this summer.  I have made some choices on what the first book will be, those choices are, Amelia Atwater-Rhoads’ book  In the Forests of the Night, which is an older book.  It is about vampires and how they survive being who they are.

Carrie Ryan’s book The Forest of Hands and Teeth, which is about zombies and how a post apocalyptic world tries to survive in the face of annihilation; and somehow find love in a world so strange and unnatural.

The last choice is Becca Fitzpatrick’s book Hush, Hush, which is about angels and what will happen when they lose their wings, as well as what it takes to get them back.  It is about life, death, friendship, and what length people will go to for those they care about.

These are my choices, if you have another, please comment on this blog and mention it.  If you wish to join in the summer reading group our first meeting will be June 7th at Melina’s Bistro at 4:00 pm in Albany.  Do to seating limitation please email and RSVP before the 4th of June.  Please come with enthusiasm, reading is fun, and should be enjoyed rather than rejected.  For those who are not fans of the paranormal, July will be a month of historical fiction, and August will be classical lit, (the stuff your teachers don’t tell you about) some Shakespeare and a little from F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Don’t let Shakespeare scare you, I used to, but I found my way around it and now I see the beauty in his words.  You can too if you wish, I will show you how.

For those who have always thought that reading was not fun, give this a try, when you read with a group of others who like to read, it becomes something fun rather than something to dread. 

I personally don’t read very fast so it will be a slow paced group, however please feel free to read at whatever pace you are accustom to.  This group is for fun and enjoyment.  I hope to see some students and other young adults there to enjoy the beauty the written word has given to us.



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