Purses, and Coffee, what a way to go…I love it!!!!!

What a great party,

First I would like to shout out a thank you to all who stopped by for the purse party.  I think Kitty had fun with it, and I think the shoppers did too.  It seemed to have a good turnout; for those of you who came to the party and stopped by for the evening thanks, I hope it was fun.  Mel and I were wondering if staying open late one night a week would be something our customers would want.  If this is something that interests you comment back on the matter.  If you liked the purse party Kitty at the floral shop will likely have another in the fall.

Now it is the next day, and I feel like I could go for a purse myself.  I’ll have to wait until Kitty gets more in, she did so well last night that she has very few left.  But the ones she still has are very cool.  Stop by for a coffee and take a look at all the purses in the building.  Looks like it might be a warm day out, we have some good smoothies today.  Seems like Wildberry Blast is a favorite lately so come in and give them a try.  Want something with more kick, get a frappe, like the I’m So Vanilla.  All vanilla, vanilla frappe powder, vanilla syrup, vanilla whipped cream, vanilla vanilla vanilla.  Thus I’m So Vanilla.

Last night a popular drink was the Turtle Me Crazy. That drink is a Frappe which is blended with caramel and mocha, dolloped with whipping cream, drizzled with caramel and mocha, and topped with a caramel chocolate.  It was the featured drink last week.  This week’s drink is the Raspberry Swirl, which is a latte, espresso, steamed milk, raspberry, and white mocha, all swirled together and topped with a swirled chocolate.  Next week…it’s still a secret.  I’ll tell you next week.


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