Turning The Village Bean into Melina’s Bistro

The place started out orange and green, and looked cramed and small,

there were green walls that blocked the view of the front door,

so we took out walls, and painted the following pictures show the progress over the period of a few days…

some space and more light

moving electrical in the wall above

mom on scaffolding

me, tina, on the widow maker, very scarry, very tall cellings…

top view of the shop kitchen, (all pictures from above had orbs, they could not be avoided)


making it Melina’s Bistro, what a wonderful thing paint can do

melany painting the entry wall

me painting the corner

mom working on the entry roof

the corner

the place looks more open now,

all we have left is the kitchen

after this we lay the tile and the kitchen is done, thus we are now Melina’s Bistro.

This is how it looks so far, will post more photos when I have them, stay tuned for pictures of the place and the food we will be serving.



(aka Melany and Tina)


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One response to “Turning The Village Bean into Melina’s Bistro

  1. Sherry Bloch

    It was fun to see you both today! Good food and good talks! I will be stopping in again realy soon! Congrats on your new adventure! Way to go!

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